Hacks: How to Score Low Cost Tickets on Your Next Colombian Adventure

Are you itching for an adventure to Colombia but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further than, where we’ve got some insider hacks on how to score low cost tickets. From exploring the colorful streets of Cartagena to discovering the lush landscapes of Medellín, we’ll show you how to make your Colombian dream a reality without sacrificing your wallet. So grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable journey with our Hacks!

How to Use to Book Flights and Tickets

When it comes to finding cheap flights, few airlines offer as much value as Colombian carrier Avianca. The website is intuitive and easy to use, making booking a breeze. Plus, Avianca offers some of the lowest fares on long distance flights in South America. Here are three tips for maximizing your travel experience with Avianca:

1. Check the Flight Status

Knowing the flight’s status is essential if you want to find inexpensive airfare. Not all flights are listed on the website, so sign up for the airline’s email notifications to be alerted when fares go down or new routes become available.

2. Use Avianca’s innovative Fare Alerts Feature

Avianca’s Fare Alerts feature can help you snag great deals on already sold out flights. When you sign up for alerts, the airline will send you updates about discounted flights that match your criteria (departure city, departure time and type of flight). This way, you’ll never miss a deal again!

3. Use Social Media Channels to Your Advantage

The airlines aren’t the only ones vying for your business – social media can also be used to get cheap airfare too! Follow Avianca or similar airlines’ accounts on Twitter or Facebook for exclusive discounts and arrivals information before anyone else knows about it.

How to Get the Best Deals on Tickets and Flights

If you’re looking for low cost tickets on your next Colombian adventure, check out You can find great deals on both airfare and hotels, making it the perfect destination for a budget-friendly trip. In order to get the best deals, be sure to use Avianca’s hacks. Here are some tips on how to score low cost tickets:

1) Use Avianca’s exclusive travel partner codes. By using codes that are provided by Avianca, you can get up to 50% off your airfare and hotel bookings. To access these codes, sign in to your account and click “My Deals.”

2) Make use of roundtrip fares. By booking two separate flights with the same company, you can save big bucks on your ticket price. For example, if you’re flying from Miami to Bogota and then flying back home the same day, make use of a roundtrip fare and you’ll save approximately $700 off your total price.

3) Scan through Avianca’s sale section regularly. This is where you’ll find the latest discounts on airfare and hotel rooms. Keep an eye out for email alerts as well – these may include additional exclusive deals that won’t be available anywhere else.

4) Compare prices before settling on a purchase. Don’t blindly go with the first offer that comes your way – take the time to compare different offers side by side so that you can get the best deal possible.

Tips for Saving on Your Trip to Colombia

To save on your trip to Colombia, follow these tips from

1. Sign up for the company’s email alerts service. This will let you know about flight sale prices a few days in advance.

2. Shop around for flights and tickets. There are often significant price differences between online and offline sources. Try searching for discounted tickets directly with the airline or using a travel agency that specializes in Latin American destinations.

3. Book your tickets early! Flight sale prices tend to drop as soon as they’re announced, so it’s important to get your tickets as early as possible.

4. Check resort availability before you go. Make sure that all of the resorts that you hope to visit are open during your trip dates; some may be closed for winter or during peak season, which can significantly raise prices at nearby hotels.

5. Consider using a hotel points-based exchange program like Escape Traveler Club or Top Hotel Points if you plan on staying in many different locations throughout your trip rather than staying in one place for extended periods of time. These programs often have lower rates than booking directly with the hotels, and sometimes include free breakfast and dinner as well .


If you’re looking for low cost tickets to Colombia, has got you covered! By using our hacks and tips we were able to score great tickets for only $240 each way including all taxes and fees. Not to mention, the flights are often full so act quickly if you want a seat! Best of luck on your next Colombian adventure – let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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