Bollywood Hairstyles: All The Best At-Home Versions Of Famous Bollywood Looks

As we all try to balance work and home life, finding easy solutions for our everyday beauty routine has become a top priority. Bollywood films have always been a source of fashion and beauty inspiration – from sari drapes to elaborate hairstyles. If you’ve ever felt like Bollywood glamour is impossible at home, this article will show you some simple steps to recreate the looks of your favorite stars with ease! Using items you likely already have stored in your medicine cabinet, from bobby pins to hairsprays, as well as a few other creative implements and accessories, it’s easier than ever to get the perfect Bollywood look for any occasion. Learn how to create classic and modern takes on popular hairstyles like messy buns, fishtails, braids or curls. Whether you’re attending a wedding or just going out for dinner with friends, these easy-to-follow tutorials will help you be ready to shine in no time!

Must Know Hair Tips

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably looked to Bollywood celebrities for hairstyle inspiration at some point or another. And why wouldn’t you? They always look flawless with perfectly coiffed hair. But let’s be real, achieving those kinds of looks can be tough (and expensive) to achieve on your own. Not to worry though! We’ve rounded up some of the best at-home versions of famous Bollywood hairstyles that you can easily recreate yourself. From Sonam Kapoor’s center-parted waves to Katrina Kaif’s sleek ponytail, there’s a style here for everyone. So if you’re in need of some hair inspiration, look no further than these iconic Bollywood looks. Trust us, your locks will thank you!

1. Get Sleek, Shiny Hair: When it comes to achieving sleek, shiny tresses like Katrina Kaif’s, you need a good heat protectant spray and a quality flat iron or curling wand. Work the heat protectant through your damp hair before starting to style it and be sure to keep the temperature on low for best results.

2. Embrace Your Natural Curls : If you have curly locks like Sonam Kapoor, just let them be! Adding too much product to curls can lead to flyaways and frizz. Instead, use an anti-frizz serum or lotion and twist sections as they dry for easy definition.

3. Keep Bangs in Place : To keep pesky bangs at bay like Bipasha Basu, use a small amount of hairspray near your roots and brush the bangs forward with a boar bristle brush for maximum hold. For added texture, use a sea salt spray if desired.

4. Create Waves Without Heat : Anyone with wavy hair will know how hard it can be to get your natural texture looking smooth and glossy. Try using some curl defining cream on towel-dried strands then brushing them out with your fingers

How to Get the Perfect Straight Hair Pomp

First, prep your hair by washing it with a straightening shampoo and conditioner. Then, use a paddle brush to brush through any knots or tangles. Next, apply a heat protectant to your hair, and then use a flat iron to straighten it in small sections. Be sure to use even strokes, and don’t forget to curl the ends under for a polished look. Finally, mist your hair with a light-hold hairspray to keep your style in place. And that’s it! You now have perfect straight hair like the pomp seen on many Bollywood celebrities.

How to Curl Your Hair on Your Own w/out Heat

Crazy hair days are the worst. You wake up, and your hair is doing its own thing— frizzy, flat, and all-around uncooperative. But you don’t have time to wash it, let alone curl it with a curling iron. What’s a girl to do? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to curl your hair without any heat at all. In fact, some of these methods are actually better for your hair than using hot tools. So if you’re looking for some heatless curls, read on! The first method is simple: use rollers! Just roll up small sections of damp hair (you can even do this while your hair is still wet from the shower) and let them sit for a few minutes. Then take them out and brush through your curls with your fingers. Another easy way to get heatless curls is by braiding damp hair before bed. When you wake up and undo the braids, you’ll have natural-looking waves that require no styling whatsoever. If you want something a little more permanent, try using Flexi Rods or Perm Rods. These plastic rods come in various sizes and can be found at most beauty supply stores. Simply winding small sections of damp hair around the rod and allowing them to dry will give you beautiful curly locks that last for days. Finally, one of the best ways to get heatless curls is also the most low-main

Permanent Remedies for Dirty Buns, Curly Styles and Two Tone Colors

Dirty buns, curly styles, and two-tone colors are some of the most popular looks in Bollywood. While these styles may seem difficult to achieve, there are actually a few easy at-home versions that anyone can try. For dirty buns, all you need is a little bit of dry shampoo and some texturizing spray. First, apply the dry shampoo to your roots to absorb any excess oil. Next, mist the texturizing spray all over your hair and scrunch it up with your fingers. Finally, tie your hair into a loose bun and let it air-dry. If you’re looking for something a little more polished, try a curly style. To start, apply a curl-enhancing cream or mousse to damp hair and then blow-dry it with a diffuser attachment. Once your hair is completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron to curl 1-inch sections of hair away from your face. Finish by misting your hair with a flexible hold hairspray. Two-tone colors are also very popular in Bollywood right now. If you want to try this trend at home, start by picking two contrasting colors that you love. Next, section off your hair and apply the lighter color to the bottom half of each section. Once that’s done, apply the darker color to the top half of each section. Finally, use a fine-tooth comb to blend the colors together for a more natural look.

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