Brighten up your space with these summer-inspired decor trends

Summer is here and it’s time to refresh your living space with some bright new decor! Whether you’re looking for a full revamp or just a few accessories to add that summertime vibe, we’ve got you covered. From tropical patterns to colorful accents, these summer-inspired trends will have you feeling like you’re on vacation in your own home. Get ready to bring the sunshine indoors with these fun and trendy ideas!

What are some fun, stylish trends to follow this summer?

Summer is a time for fun, sun and outdoor activities. So it’s the perfect time to brighten up your space with some stylish summer decor trends. Start by updating your look with fresh new colors and patterns. Try cool blues and greens paired with neutrals like whites or grays, or go for pops of color with brightly hued pillows, throws and accessories.

To keep your home feeling breezy, experiment with lightweight materials like cotton fabrics and airy linens. And to add a touch of luxury feel without spending a fortune, layer silk blankets, pillows and sheets on top of delicate linen textiles. For an extra boost of brightness in any space, try adding pops of light-colored furniture or artwork alongside darker pieces to create contrast.

Last but not least, always keep things fun by staying on the lookout for current fashion trends that will refresh your look every season!

How can you bring these trends into your home decor?

One of the most popular trends this summer is DIY. Whether you’re taking on a new painting project or updating your closet with some fresh storage solutions, it’s all about being hands-on and making things your own. And if you want to channel the clean, air-y feel of summer sunstrokes right into your living space, there are definitely some trends to consider. From light pops of purple and red to whites and neutrals infused with hints of sunshine, here are four ways to bring these trends into your home decor:

1. Start with white walls. Nothing says summer fun like whitewashed walls that harmonize perfectly with all sorts of colorful fabrics and accessories. Not only does this look great in an informal setting, but also it can brighten up a room even on a dreary day.

2. Layer neutrals. Sometimes the simplest way to add brightness to a room is by layering different shades of neutral fabric. This will help take away any monotony and make every piece in your ensemble stand out more clearly.

3. Embrace pops of color! If you’re someone who prefers not to stick strictly to one color scheme, adding pops of color throughout your space should do the trick nicely (especially during these warm months!). From brightly striped curtains to jazzy pillow covers, any little bit of extra personality can go a long way in making a space feel lively and cheerful.

What do you need to get started?

Summer is the perfect time to brighten up your space with some fun and summer-inspired decor trends. From pops of color to light and breezy elements, here are five ideas for adding a little brightness to your home this season.

1. Airy white curtains: A delicate touch of glamour can be added to any room with a crisp white curtain panel. Pair them with clean white furniture and accessories for a fresh and airy look.

2. Bursting colors: Add a pop of vibrant color to any room with brightly printed curtains or placemats. Choose fabrics that harmonize well with your chosen paint scheme, or go all out and mix contrasting prints together!

3. Bright flowers: Fill a vase with floating pink or lavender aster flowers and dangle them from the ceiling or side of a window for an enlivening touch. Make sure to get plants in season so you can enjoy their bold blooms all summer long!

4. Freshly painted walls: A fresh coat of paint is always a good way to start sprucing up your space—and it’s definitely more cheerful than grayscale! Painting one wall in a light color will help add contrast and visual interest to any room, while opting for beach-themed imagery on another accent wall can create an inviting oasis inside your home.


Brightening up your space during the summer is easy with a few stylish decor trends. From incorporating pops of color to using light and airy furniture, you can create a room that feels both fresh and inviting. If you’re anything like us, a little sun exposure always makes us feel more motivated to get started on our summer plans! Let these ideas help you scheme your way to Summerville perfection.

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