Discover the Beauty of Germany on a Budget with Direct Ferries Special Offers

Attention all travel enthusiasts! Are you dreaming of a romantic stroll down Munich’s cobblestone streets, or an adventurous hike through the serene Black Forest? Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, Germany offers something for everyone. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank to experience its beauty! Direct Ferries is offering special deals that will make your German getaway affordable and unforgettable. Join us as we explore how you can discover the magic of Germany without spending a fortune. Let’s go on an adventure together!

Why take a Direct Ferries trip to Germany?

Germany is an enchanting country, full of history and culture. It feels like a different world, and the beauty of the landscape is stunning. The transport infrastructure is excellent too – making it easy to get around.

There are so many interesting things to see in Germany, including some world-famous landmarks. The famous Neuschwanstein Castle, located in Bavaria, is one such attraction. Or take a trip down to Munich for a taste of Oktoberfest – one of Germany’s most celebrated annual events.

And if you’re looking for landscapes that are more natural than man-made, head to the coastlines of the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. You can also explore Swabia or Franconia for picturesque villages and charming countryside.

With Direct Ferries special offers available now, there are countless wonderful reasons to visit Germany!

What are the benefits of travelling on a Direct Ferries boat?

When travelling on a Direct Ferries boat, you can enjoy beautiful views of Germany’s coastline without spending a fortune. With our special offers, you can travel to many destinations for a fraction of the cost of airfare or other travel options.

You can explore charming small towns and villages in the Bavarian Alps and along the Rhine River. Or spend your time discovering East Prussia’s UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, like Königsberg Castle or Memel Castle.

Whatever your interests, we have something for you – so start planning your holiday today and take advantage of our exciting Direct Ferries offers!

Get Ferry deals and Special Offers direct from Direct Ferries.

Looking for ferry deals and special offers direct from Direct Ferries? We’ve got you covered! Here are our top tips on how to save up while travelling in Germany:

1. Compare prices online before booking – don’t be tempted to buy your tickets at the ferry terminal itself – doing so may result in higher prices. Ferry companies often run promotional deals during peak travel times, so it’s always worth checking online ahead before boarding your vessel.

2. Scan the QR code on your ticket – this will give you access to electronic vouchers and discounts that can be used when boarding the ferry. Note that these codes only work within a certain geographic area, so if you’re travelling beyond the immediate vicinity of your port of departure, it may be worth purchasing your tickets in advance.

3. Use multi-passenger ferries – this way, not only will you save money on your fare, but you’ll also be able to share the cost of transportation with friends or family members. Just make sure that everyone in your group has their own valid travel voucher!

4. Book your ferry ticket well in advance – as scheduled ferries fill up quickly, it’s best to book as much time in advance as possible (often several months). Plus, peak season lasts from May to September, so now would be a good time to get organised and plan those dream trips to Munich or Frankfurt!

Browse our exclusive selection of ferry services departing from different ports in Germany.

Germany is well known for its beauty, and Ferry Services Direct is proud to offer some of the best ferry deals around. From ports in Germany’s southernmost state of Bavaria to the northeastern city of Hamburg, we have a selection of ferry services that will take you to some incredibly beautiful places.

Our favorite route starts in Munich and takes you on a breathtaking journey down the Isar River. You’ll see lush forests, picturesque villages and rolling hills as you make your way downstream.

Another great option is our ferry service from Rostock in East Germany to Travemünde on the Baltic Sea. As you cruise by quaint fishing towns and glimmering ocean beaches, you’ll realize why this is one of the most popular routes in Germany.

Most ferries depart from different ports throughout Germany, so don’t hesitate to explore all of our available options. Direct Ferry Services has everything you need to plan your perfect trip: unique Ferry offers, useful information about each port and helpful tips for navigating German customs. So jump onboard and get ready for an unforgettable voyage!


Germany is a beautiful country with vast amounts of history, culture and scenery. However, few people get to see all that Germany has to offer because traveling there can be expensive. With Direct Ferries special offers, you can explore the beauty of Germany on a budget while enjoying all the attractions it has to offer. Whether you are looking for sights like Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate or stunning castles in Bavaria, Direct Ferries will help make your dream trip a reality at an unbeatable price.

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