From Amsterdam to Oslo and Beyond: DFDS Netherlands Reigns Supreme in Ferry Travel

Are you ready for an epic adventure across the European waters? Look no further than DFDS Netherlands, the unrivaled champion of ferry travel! From the vibrant canals of Amsterdam to the picturesque landscapes of Oslo and beyond, DFDS Netherlands is your passport to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a wanderlust enthusiast or a traveler seeking ease and comfort, prepare to set sail on an exhilarating journey as we uncover why DFDS Netherlands reigns supreme in ferry travel. So grab your sea legs and let’s embark on a voyage like never before!

Introduction to DFDS Netherlands

DFDS Netherlands is a leading ferry company that offers reliable and convenient travel options for passengers and cargo from Amsterdam to Oslo and other destinations across Europe. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, DFDS Netherlands has established itself as a trusted provider of ferry services, connecting people and businesses through safe and efficient transportation.

Advantages of traveling by ferry compared to other modes of transportation

Traveling by ferry is a unique way to explore different destinations and offers a completely different experience compared to other modes of transportation. While flying and driving are the most common options for long-distance travel, taking a ferry can have its own advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of traveling by ferry compared to other modes of transportation.

  1. Scenic Views:
    One of the biggest advantages of traveling by ferry is the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views along your journey. Unlike being stuck in a plane or car, you get to soak in stunning panoramic views of the ocean, coastline, and surrounding landscapes from the deck of a ferry. It’s an excellent way to witness nature’s beauty while on your way to your destination.
  2. Spacious and Comfortable:
    Compared to crowded airplanes or crammed cars, ferries offer more space and comfort for passengers. You can stretch your legs, walk around freely, and even find quiet corners to relax or work during the journey. Many ferries also have amenities such as restaurants, cafes, shops, lounges, and even cabins for overnight trips.
  3. Flexible Travel Options:
    Another advantage of traveling by ferry is that it provides greater flexibility in terms of timing and routes compared to flights or train schedules. With multiple departures per day between popular locations like Amsterdam and Oslo on DFDS Netherlands’ route network, travelers have more options when planning their trip itinerary.

Popular ferry routes offered by DFDS Netherlands and their top destinations

DFDS Netherlands offers a wide range of ferry routes, connecting some of the most popular destinations in Europe. With their state-of-the-art ferries and unparalleled service, DFDS Netherlands has become a top choice for travelers looking to explore multiple destinations through an efficient and comfortable mode of transportation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ferry routes offered by DFDS Netherlands and the top destinations that can be reached through them.

  1. Amsterdam to Newcastle:
    This route connects two vibrant cities – Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Newcastle in England. The journey takes around 15 hours and offers stunning views of the Dutch coastline as well as the English countryside. Both cities offer plenty to see and do, making it an ideal choice for city breaks or longer vacations. Amsterdam is famous for its picturesque canals, historical attractions such as Anne Frank House and world-renowned museums like Rijksmuseum. On the other hand, Newcastle is known for its rich cultural heritage, lively nightlife, and interesting landmarks like the Angel of the North sculpture.
  2. Copenhagen to Oslo:
    DFDS Netherlands also offers a ferry route between two Scandinavian capitals – Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway. This 17 hour cruise allows travelers to experience the best of both countries while enjoying breathtaking views of fjords along the way. In Copenhagen, visitors can explore iconic landmarks such as Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn Harbor, and Christiansborg Palace. Oslo boasts of its modern architecture mixed with traditional wooden houses along with must -visit attractions like the Viking Ship Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and Aker Brygge waterfront.
  3. Kiel to Gothenburg:
    This ferry route connects the German city of Kiel with the Swedish port city of Gothenburg. The journey takes approximately 14 hours and offers travelers a unique blend of German and Scandinavian culture. Kiel is known for its maritime heritage and its annual sailing event “Kiel Week.” In contrast, Gothenburg is a charming canal city with a wealth of cultural attractions such as the Liseberg amusement park, Volvo Museum, and Haga district with its many cafes and artisan shops.

On-board amenities and experiences on a DFDS ferry

DFDS offers an exceptional on-board experience for passengers traveling on their ferries from Amsterdam to Oslo and beyond. They understand that the journey is just as important as the destination, and have carefully curated a range of amenities and experiences to ensure that travelers have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

One of the highlights of DFDS ferries is their wide variety of dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience or a quick bite, there’s something for everyone on board. The Blue Riband restaurant offers a gourmet menu with an ever-changing selection of dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. For a more casual meal, head to 7 Seas buffet-style restaurant where you can feast on international cuisine and enjoy stunning views from the large windows. There are also several cafes and bars onboard offering snacks, sandwiches, and drinks throughout the day.

In addition to delicious food, DFDS also prioritizes relaxation and entertainment for its passengers. The ferry boasts spacious lounges with comfortable seating, perfect for catching up on some reading or simply admiring the scenic views during your journey. For those looking to unwind even further, there is a spa area complete with saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and even massage treatments available.

For families traveling with children, there are plenty of activities to keep them entertained during the journey. The Little Skippers playroom has games and toys suitable for kids aged 3-7 while older children can enjoy video games in the Teen Town area. To make the journey even more fun, there is also a cinema on board showing the latest movies.

For those looking to do some shopping, DFDS has a well-stocked duty-free shop onboard where you can find everything from souvenirs to designer clothing and cosmetics at discounted prices. There is also a mini-market selling snacks, drinks, and essentials for your journey.

Overall, travelling on a DFDS ferry offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience with plenty of amenities and activities to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey.

Sustainability efforts and initiatives by DFDS Netherlands

DFDS Netherlands is committed to promoting sustainability in the ferry travel industry. In recent years, the company has implemented various initiatives and efforts to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a greener future. Here are some of the key sustainability efforts and initiatives by DFDS Netherlands:

  1. Use of Sustainable Fuels: DFDS Netherlands has started using sustainable biofuels for its ships as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. This move has significantly reduced the carbon footprint of their operations, thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  2. Energy Efficient Technologies: The company has invested in energy-efficient technologies for its vessels, such as LED lighting, heat recovery systems, and hybrid scrubbers. These improvements have resulted in a considerable reduction in fuel consumption, emissions, and overall energy consumption.
  3. Waste Management: DFDS Netherlands has implemented strict waste management practices on board their ferries by segregating different types of waste and ensuring proper disposal. They also have recycling facilities available on their ships to minimize waste sent to landfills.
  4. Eco-Friendly Facilities: The company has upgraded its port facilities with eco-friendly infrastructure, including shore-to-ship power supply technology that allows the ships to plug into electricity while docked instead of running their engines for power. This innovation reduces air pollution and noise levels at ports.
  5. Collaboration with Environmental Organizations: DFDS Netherlands actively collaborates with environmental organizations like The Ocean Cleanup and Plastic Whale in cleaning up plastic debris from rivers and oceans during their ferry trips.

Tips for booking and planning a trip with DFDS Netherlands

Booking and planning a trip with DFDS Netherlands may seem daunting at first, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to a smooth and stress-free journey.

  1. Start Early – As with any trip, it’s best to start planning early. This will not only give you more options for dates and cabins, but also allow time to research and compare prices for the best deals.
  2. Use the Official DFDS Website – When booking your trip, it’s always recommended to use the official website of the company you’re travelling with. This ensures that you’re getting accurate information and avoids any potential scams or hidden fees from third-party booking sites.
  3. Choose Your Route – DFDS Netherlands offers various routes from Amsterdam to destinations such as Newcastle, Copenhagen, and Oslo. Consider what cities or countries you would like to explore during your trip when choosing your route.
  4. Select Your Cabin or Seat – Depending on the length of your journey and personal preferences, you can choose between a cabin or a seat on board. Cabins offer more privacy and comfort for longer trips while seats are suitable for shorter journeys or budget travellers.
  5. Check for Deals and Promotions – Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions offered by DFDS Netherlands throughout the year. These can include discounted tickets or added benefits such as onboard credit or free breakfast.
  6. Come Prepared with Proper Documentation- If traveling internationally, make sure to have all necessary documents such as passports, visas (if applicable), and any required health or vaccination certificates. It’s also a good idea to have copies of your reservation and confirmation for reference.
  1. Consider Onboard Activities – DFDS Netherlands offers various onboard activities to make your journey more enjoyable, such as restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment options. Take some time to explore the amenities available on your chosen route.
  2. Plan Ahead for Pet Travel – If you plan on traveling with a pet, make sure to contact DFDS in advance to make arrangements. You may need to provide proper documentation and vaccinations for your furry friend.
  3. Be Aware of Cancellation Policies – While no one wants to think about cancelling their trip, it’s important to read and understand the cancellation policies of DFDS Netherlands before booking. This will help avoid any unexpected fees or disappointment.
  4. Pack Appropriately – Depending on when you’re traveling and your destination, make sure to pack appropriately for the weather and activities you have planned. Also, don’t forget essential items such as medications, travel documents, and chargers for electronics.


After exploring the variety of routes, amenities, and services offered by DFDS Netherlands on their ferries from Amsterdam to Oslo and beyond, it’s clear that they truly reign supreme in the world of ferry travel. As one of Europe’s largest shipping and logistics companies, they have a well-established reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely trip with your family or a seamless journey for business purposes, DFDS Netherlands has everything you need to make your crossing an enjoyable experience. So why not book your next ferry adventure with them? You won’t be disappointed.

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