Perfectly Pretty: Gorgeous Hairstyles for Girly Teen Girls of All Ages

Attention all girly teenage girls! Are you tired of the same old boring hairstyles? Do you want to switch things up and add a touch of glamour to your look? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’re going to show you some perfectly pretty and gorgeous hairstyles that will make heads turn. Whether it’s for a fancy event or just a day out with friends, these hairstyles are perfect for any occasion. So grab your hairbrush and let’s get styling!

What are the Hairstyles Trending in Teen Girls?

To say teen girls are fashion-forward is an understatement! From vintage-inspired looks to edgy styles, there’s a look for every personality out there. However, one of the most popular hairstyles right now among young women is the balayage style. What is Balayage? Balayage is a hair color technique that blends light colors over darker hair, creating a gradient effect. By mixing two or more colors together, you can create any hue you desire! This style is perfect for teenagers because it’s versatile and easy to maintain – just give your locks a quick wash and brush! Here are some of the hottest balay age hairstyles for teen girls:

1) The messy bun: If you love Soft waves but don’t have time for an all-day tutorial, try this easy but chic look. Start by Section sing your hair into small buns and securing with fishing line or a hair tie. Let them dry naturally before running your fingers through them to create waves.

A cool tip: To keep your bun in place all day (or even overnight), add some sea salt to your preferred moisturizer before bedtime. You’ll wake up with beautifully natural looking waves!

2) The high ponytail: Give your long locks some height and fashionista flair with this sultry style. Secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck with either elastic or Sea salt spray so it won’t fall out throughout the day. Add a few loose waves to the top section of your hair using a curling iron or wand.

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3) The half up do: For an easy but super polished look, try a half up do. Simply twist your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins. Add some loose waves or curls around the bun, then let it down for the party.

Option 1: A quick dry spray like hairspray will help keep your waves in place all day long

Option 2: purchase this Heat Deflecting Half Up do Veil which will protect your style from heat tools while still allowing you to see & touch your hair !

How to Make These Hairstyles Look Best on You

Looking for a pretty and stylish hairstyle for your teen girl? Here are some gorgeous hair styles that will look great on any young lady! Whether you have curly or straight hair, these styles will work well with your natural texture.

1) Short Bob: A simple, chic bob is the perfect style for young girls who want to look professional but still manage to show off their personality. Wearing hair short in this style will help keep it manageable and styled, letting you take control of your image. For extra impact, try adding a light texturizing spray to give the strands a little lift and movement.

2) Wavy Ponytail: This up do is perfect for young girls who want something more casual and easy-going. Pouring product into your hair before setting it into a big waves will give them a natural-looking bouncy style that’s perfect for everyday use. You can also amp up the glamour by wearing an embellished headband or clip.

3) Bohemian Braid Hairdo: This braid style is versatile enough to be worn multiple ways, making it ideal for any occasion or outfit. Start by securing one side of your hair using a band or elastic, then begin braiding down the other side using small sections of hair as guides. Once you reach the end, tuck the end behind your ear and secure with a clasp or bungee tie.

Tips for Styling Your Natural Hair

There’s no doubt that hair is one of the most important parts of a person’s appearance, and for teenage girls, their hair can either be a source of great pride or a big insecurity. Whether you have curly frizzy natural locks or chemically straightened ringlets, there are plenty of stylish ways to style your hair that will make you look and feel your best! Here are some tips for styling your natural hair:

1. Start with clean,conditioned hair. Pre-wash your hair with soap and water before shampooing it to remove any excess product or dirt.

2. Use a good quality shampoo made specifically for natural hair. Forgot to take the time to condition and rinse your locks the night before? No problem! Just throw some conditioner in after you’ve rinsed off the shampoo.

3. Apply conditioner liberally throughout your hair and leave it on for at least five minutes. This will help soften up your hair and make it easier to style.

Glossy Hairs, Messy Hair: Which is Best for You?

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will let everyone know you’re a girly teen girl, go for glossy hair. Glossy hair is chic and looks great on any age group, so whether you’re just starting high school or are already an adolescent Goddess, this type of hair should be at the top of your style list. Here are four styles that will flatter any girl:

1. Side swept bangs: These bangs can be layered to create more interest or left natural to frame your face. They also look great when pulled straight back from the forehead and secured in a bun or ponytail.

2. Faux bob: This low cut hairstyle is definitely on-trend right now and it’s easy to recreate at home using a curling wand or flat iron. Add volume at the roots with a fine-bristled brush before spraying on some hairspray for hold.

3. Buzz cut: This classic masculine style works especially well on girly girls as it features short layers that give the appearance of length without being too harsh – perfect if you don’t want to deal with tonnes of styling time each day! Just make sure to get your haircut expert to tease out those longer layers in the front for optimal effect.


Looking for the perfect hairstyle for your girly teen girl? Look no further! Here are gorgeous hairstyles that will look amazing on any teen girl, whether she’s just starting to experiment with her style or has been developing it for years. Whether you’re looking for a simple everyday style or something more complicated and stylish, these haircuts will fit the bill. Whatever approach you take, make sure to keep in mind your daughter’s personality and interests – some girls love messy beach waves while others prefer sleek straight hairstyles. Have fun finding the perfect look for your princess!

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