Ultimate Guide to Planning a Memorable Family Trip to Seoul

Introduction to Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the vibrant capital of South Korea and one of East Asia’s most exciting metropolises. A blend of traditional culture and modern architecture, Seoul is a city that has something for everyone. Families can explore its many historical sites, shop in its bustling markets, and enjoy its delicious food. With so much to see and do, Seoul is the perfect destination for a memorable family trip.

Where to Stay During Your Trip

Assuming that your family is visiting Seoul, South Korea, there are many different accommodation options to choose from depending on your budget, desired location, and what type of amenities you are looking for. If you are looking for the most affordable option, there are many hostels and budget hotels located throughout the city that offer basic accommodations at a fraction of the cost of more upscale options.

For families that want a bit more space and privacy, vacation rentals are a great option and can be found in popular areas like Gangnam and Hongdae. If you crave luxury and are willing to splurge, there are plenty of 5-star hotels located in central areas like Myeongdong and Insadong that will make your trip truly unforgettable. No matter what your budget or preferences may be, there is sure to be an accommodation option in Seoul that is perfect for your family.

How to Travel Around Seoul

The best way to get around Seoul is by using the city’s excellent public transportation system. The subway is clean, efficient, and very user-friendly, even for first-time visitors. If you’re staying in Seoul for more than a few days, it’s worth investing in a rechargeable T-money card, which gives you discounts on fares and can be used on buses and trains.

If you’re only in town for a short time or prefer not to use public transportation, taxis are also readily available and relatively inexpensive. Just be sure to use licensed taxis with the “TAXI” sign illuminated on the roof; avoid unmarked cars, as they may overcharge you.

Walking is also a great way to get around Seoul, especially in the central neighborhoods like Myeongdong and Insadong. But be prepared for some hilly streets – Pyongyang (평양), Namdaemun (남대문), and Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을) are all famous for their steep slopes!

What to See and Do in Seoul

Seoul is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. From historic palaces to modern skyscrapers, there’s something for everyone in Seoul. Here are some of the top sights and activities to check out on your trip:

-Gwanghwamun Square: This central square is a great starting point for exploring Seoul. It’s home to the iconic Gwanghwamun Gate, as well as several other historic landmarks.

-Namsan Park: This popular park offers breathtaking views of the city, along with hiking trails, gardens, and more.

-Myeongdong: This shopping district is a must-visit for anyone looking for good deals on clothes, cosmetics, and more.

-Insadong: Another great shopping area, Insadong is known for its traditional shops selling everything from pottery to calligraphy supplies.

Unique Activities for Families

Planning a family trip to Seoul? There’s so much to see and do! Here are some unique activities for families that will make your trip even more memorable:

1. Visit Namsan Tower. Not only is Namsan Tower a great place to get a breathtaking view of the city, but it’s also home to several fun activities for families. There’s a cable car that takes you to the top of the tower, as well as a children’s playground and an open-air amphitheater.

2. Go on a Seoul Food Tour. Families can enjoy delicious Korean food while learning about the culture and history behind it on a Seoul food tour. There are several different tours to choose from, so you can find one that fits your family’s interests and taste buds.

3. Take a leisurely stroll through Jongmyo Shrine. Jongmyo Shrine is a beautiful and peaceful place where families can learn about Korean Confucianism and see traditional ceremonies being performed. It’s also a great place to just relax and take in the sights and sounds of Korea.

Tips on Keeping Kids Entertained

If you’re thinking of taking your family to Seoul, congratulations! You are about to embark on an amazing journey. Here are a few tips on keeping your kids entertained while you’re there:

1. Visit one of the many kid-friendly attractions. Seoul has a number of great attractions for kids, including the Children’s Grand Park, Seoul Zoo, and Trick Eye Museum.

2. Take advantage of the city’s many public parks. Seoul is home to some beautiful parks, perfect for exploring with little ones. Be sure to visit Namsan Park, Seokchon Lake Park, andWorld Cup Park.

3. Check out the interactive exhibits at some of the city’s museums. The National Museum of Korea and the Korean War Memorial Museum are both great options for families with kids.

4. Go on a family-friendly hike. There are plenty of trails around Seoul that are suitable for families with young children. A few good options include Bukhansan National Park and Gwanaksan Mountain Fortress Trail.


After a long day of exploring all that Seoul has to offer, it’s time to sit back and reflect on the incredible experience you just had. You may be exhausted from all the walking and sightseeing, but take a moment to appreciate all that you’ve accomplished. You’ve created memories that will last a lifetime, and there’s no better way to end a family vacation than by looking back on everything you’ve done and shared together. And don’t forget to share your experiences with others – after all, isn’t that what family is for?

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